Gluten-free Bruschetta

We are overjoyed to finally be bringing you delicious vegan and gluten-free bread from Pane Ora; welcome to the family! One of the best ways to enjoy this is to top toasted slices with avocado, cheese, rocket, and olive oil. We were inspired by Pietro's bruschetta at the last Artisan Market. Hoping to conjure memories of warm summer days with this snack! 



1 loaf of gluten free Pane Ora Bread

2 cloves of garlic

1 avocado

1 bag of Seabreeze Rocket

Your choice of Evansdale or Whitestone cheese- our favourites are Farmhouse Brie, Bay Blue, and Fuschia Creek Feta

A generous sprinkling of dukkah

A couple glugs of olive oil

Any extra toppings of your choice- go wild!



Toast slices of the bread and rub with the garlic cloves.

Slice up the avo and if you're feeling fancy arrange nicely; or just smush it in.

Layer on some rocket and slice or crumble your cheese of choice on top. 

Finish with a sprinkling of dukkah and drizzle of olive oil.